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last modification: february 10th, 2012

Dear visitor!

This page gives you a lot of background informations, tips for Super8 cameras and a lot more

Some informations e.g. the Ektachrome64 /Fuji Single8 films and some others are obsolete now -   but you will find this for historical reasons or to understand the background.

nice to meet you back again, Mike


You are looking for Super8 cameras with NEW reliable electronics and professional features? O.K look for Super8MAX - soon these are available for buying !

Do you want to get convert your  16mm Camera to Super16 ? Please have a look first at my new announced Ultra16 modification.

This was one of my projects 2010 and 2011: The Super8DM.

After nearly one year I have stopped the idea to produce and sell cameras with a 60m magazin. The interest for buying such cameras seems to low at the moment.

Last update: I had to do a lot of more things after I have made experience with my first 2 prototypes. It was necessary to control the cameramotor because it goes soon after start out of sync!  It was necessary to start a new project to develop totaly new designe electronics for Super8 cameras..... puuhhh

You know that I want to make things running better. In the past I was allways a little bit unhappy about Super8 cartridges (even the old 200ft/ 60m cartridges)

1. missing fixed pressure plate

2. only 15m cartridge available

Single8, N8 and of cause DS8 has a better framestand than Super8 cartridge - especially the old 200ft/60m Moviesound cartridge had a problem....

I have build now a first functional-model of my Super8DM (Dream-Magazine) and present the first pictures:

  • for cameras which can use the old 60m soundfilm from KODAK
  • for many other sideloader cameras which only uses 15m cartridges
  • the camera has to be modified
  • to prevent from unstable filmrun the magazin is screwmounted inside the compartment
  • a seperate pressureplate is mounted inside
  • a long lasting springbelt drives the filmspool
  • no extra electronics or motor
  • runs with 60m/200ft. daylight filmreel for BEAULIEU SD8/60

At the moment I do this construction only for my private usage.

Maybe if there is enought response and interested buyers I will found a small business...

I have not calculate a price yet. But it will be not a cheap thing for a clean modified camera complete with magazine.

Camera modifications:

  • do not need lightmeter batteries
  • light meter correction for using different ASA films
  • external power
  • optional electronic framecounter

If you like to buy, please send a mail with your technical requirements, your preferred camera (no Beaulieu!) and your acceptable price.

and what else?

  • I have encreased the output lumen of some Super8 projection units ELMO ST1200 / 800 EUMIGs with other bulbs, condensorlens, heatprotection, blower....
  • filmreels up to 600ft. for above units
  • and my dream is the construction of a  professional Super9 camera.....
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