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last modification: february 10th, 2012

Hi nice to meet you here, my name is Mike

I have prepared for you some special informations and tips about Super 8 films, cameras and technology which I have never  found in such compressed form anywhere else.....and I am a little bit proud to find a lot of my ideas and some copied stuff in other well known sites.... itīs good to spread the truth and do not forget the link

Sometimes I sell cameras out of my collection.. If you have special requirements please feel free to ask ..

Why should I use old technology cameras with expensive filmmaterial - instead of easy to use 3CCD digicams with their high sophisticated electronics?     see this important comparision: Super8     versus    digital video - HDV

Lighmeter cells with 1.35V or 2.7  (PX625 or PX14) or 1.5V adapters ? - you never need again this expensive stuff  in a Nizo, Canon, Cosina or other camera !  Every camera can be modified for standalone using their standard AA..batteries...............

some worthful stuff:

Lowlight or brightlight camera? techtips and camera overview

Which kind of camera should I buy? And where is it possible? Buyers tips

Worthful stuff for your decisions you can find also at shutter degree - speeds

What is fungus - what can I do?

IYou want to get some new ideas about filmsound using pulse sync and your PC ?....

nformations about: Single-8

Highend  Bauer cameras I have made a special overview of all their technical features or read some more details about Bauer cameras 

nearly all Braun / Nizo cameras I have made a special overview of all their technical features  

overview of interesting cameras for usage - the  advantages -  this is a surprise for many - not only Beaulieu or Nizo made good cameras!               with update for c-mount Quarz/Zenith

Single8 with a sharpness for TV lowcost productions -  from Fuji: Fujichrome, Fujica professional cameras: Z800, Z1000 and some others ....


The superior cameras from BAUER, ELMO, COSINA, SANKYO, AGFA or others: modifications for using 64 ASA films.  See more about my camera modifications  Adams 64 - for these models

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