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Super8 technology -

Mike´s cams 

last modification: february 10th, 2012

AGFA was one of the “big” for filmmaterial and in archiving -

but Super8 cameras? Yes !

AGFA Super 8 “bread and butter” cameras are more for collection except two (4) models:

Mechanic and Rokkor lens made by Minolta (I guess). the MOVEXOOM 6 and 10 MOS electronic (also available as sound cameras).

This is an absolutely fine camera with a very good and sharp lens  and very good reliability! (from my technical view it´s better than any NIZO and some others!).

The electronics and mechanics is well designed and compact. with some features unknown from other cameras. Very easy handling for lap dissolve: trigger has two steps, first step to release normal filming.second step to press a little bit harder releases the automatic lap dissove - thats all- easy.


      exact aperture is controlled by a steppermotor for 1/25 part of one opening! Electronic controlled motor (tachometer) for exact fps!

      using Ektachrom 64T films: make some test films with your camera maybe it works. Otherwise use manual aperture or get a modified camera ......the feature is called Adams64

      fps:1 / 9/ 18/ 24/ 54, timer, lightmeter: TTA (TTL) auto/manual, filmspeeds: daylight 25/100 ( 40/160 ) ASA, fades, lap dissolve, trigger delay, timer, titletimer (4 frames 0.4sec), 6 x x AA, ext. battery, socket: flash, remote control, Wratten 85

    • MOVEXOOM 10: lens: 1.8 / 6.-60mm, with macro
    • .MOVEXOOM 6: lens: 1.8 / 7.-42mm,
    • lens advantage - lower light loss

I modify AGFA cameras with an additional adjustment for using any film I want - also 64T films in combinations with automatic exposure.

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