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Super8 technology -

Mike´s cams 

last modification: february 10th, 2012

ELMO - top  cameras 1012S-XL and 612S-XL

Well known top level lowlight cameras with extraordinary lens for running normal 15m/30ft. cartriged or the 200ft Ektasound and the new SUPERMAG 400 for 400ft. filmmaterial! - in standard version this camera is not able to work with other films than 40/25 and 160/100 ASA filmspeed.

Due to the incredible good lens, the silent running and the ability to run with SUPERMAG400 I modify now these cameras for professional usage:

With the new Adams64 feature you can run now also Ektachrome 64T  or any other filmmaterial. In addition you can do exposure correction to your individual requirements!

612S-XL macro 1:1.2 8.5-51mm, shutter opening: 220°, fps 1/18/24, self timer, sockets: remote control, 9V power, .....

1012S-XL macro 1:1.2 7.5-75mm

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