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Super8 technology -

Mike´s cams 

Sankyo - Japanese brand with a lot of good ideas, many XL cameras and also low budget models. Few models are high end types CME1100, XL Supertronic and some others with fades, trick slow motion and  8x or 10x zoomlens.

One professional XL61-200 model for 200ft or SUPERMAG400.

I like some models: simple for home use with several automatic features-  but you can modify nearly everything  manual (never seen anywhere else).

Fine example is CME-1100 Macro Hi focus

Macro  lens 1.8 /6.5-65mm, fps 1 / 18 /24 /36 /54  ASA tungsten 40,160, 400 with manual correction to any other, also for 64 ASA possible! Exposure control auto/manual, auto fade in/out with variable fadespeed, shutteropening 150°, sockets: flash, sync, cable release, remotecontrol, Battery  4 AA 1.5V,       (Positive: complete for nearly all situations! A universal cam to get good pictures.  Has not a variable shutter, but the shutter angle allows “takes” with movements  -  for absolutely lowlight use a second camera like XL61 or other with shutter openings upwards 200° and lenses f=1.2 or 1.4)

last modification: february 10th, 2012

CME-1100 Macro Hi focus

Foam sealings get weak after years and are very simple to replace, eyecaps are made from better rubbermaterial and are allways in good condition. Lenses are fine standard No technical weakness is known.


Macro  lens 1.8 /7.5-60mm,. fps 1 / 18 /36 ASA daylight 25 - 100, BLC, aperture auto/manual, fade in/out,  sockets:  cable release, remotecontrol, Battery  4 x AA 1.5V,

XL61-200 lowlight camera for 400 ft SUPERMAG400

Macro  lens 1.2 /7.5-45mm,. fps 1 / 18 /24 ASA 25/40 + 100/160, aperture auto/manual, fade,  remotecontrol, Battery  6 x AA 1.5V, ext. Batt 9V

with Adams64 feature: +/- auto-correction for using 64 ASA Ektachrome 64T possible

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