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last modification: february 10th, 2012

QUARZ  made by Zenith -  2 fine mechanical cameras for Super8 format:

Super8 cartridge

DS8 - Double Super8 reel

1x8S-2 with C-mount (to change lenses - with some work before...)

Beaulieu, Fujica ZC1000, LEICINA, Nalcom and Zenith-QUARZ 1x8S-2 these are the only S8 cameras with c-mount ! But these cameras are totally different. There are the high sophisticated japanese and french cameras on one side and the mechanical QUARZ on the other... made from solid metal - no plastics

This camera has a mechanical motor like a clockwork (not electric).. with a wind up you can film 33 seconds (18 fps) or 2.5 meter Super8 film, enough for a scene which is normally shorter. The shutter opensector is 150° like silent NIZO 481 - 801. And of cause this camera has more fps than a lot of hightec cams: single frame  1 / 8 / 12 / 18 /24 / 32. The automatic TTL lightmeter works with 2x 1.3V 625 batteries. You choose the appropriate filmspeed at a switch (ASA 12 / 25 / 50 (40) / 100 / 200). The difference between 50 an 64 ASA (the new Kodak film) is very low (1/3 appertureopening). And you have also +/- control for the lightmeter. So you will not have any problem. It is possible to disable the automatic settings and do everything manual. The standard zoom (manual) lens  Meteor 1.8 / 8 -38mm is sharp and good russian quality. It  is totally sufficient for all normal takes. A daylight filter A (Wratten 85) is manual switchable..

Yes, its a c-mount! But only very few extra lenses are made original for this camera. Maybe be: only for tests or preproduction. (I have one 1.5/ 6mm.lens).I have tried some other available  lenses with c-mount adapter and a converter lens: some are working, some not. I have n´t the time to work on this yet ....maybe later.

I love this camera: allways running, no batteries are really necessary and you can do everything, what hightec cameras do: filming, zooming, fading, slow motion, time laps. What do you want? lap dissolve? sorry this not.....but I can go with this camera to any region, maybe into the tundra, desert or Himalaya - a camera also for expedition that (hopefully) never gets in trouble.

Important to know if you want to use other lenses with this camera ....:

Inside the body in front of the filmgate there is a  prime lens which is fixed mounted. In conjunction with the optical system of the original Meteor zoom lens (which has a c-mount) the light passes onto fhe film. This is different to Beaulieu/Schneider C-mount lenses. These cameras do not have any prime lens! It is not possible to mount a Beaulieu lens! To use any other than the original Meteor lens you have to do  adaption of the whole optical system.

In the past I have used this camera with a c-mount adapter, a special converter-lens and an old professional Canon TV zoom 18-105mm. This works fine. Due to other  focal-length of the whole optical system, it was not possible to use the distancescale of the Canon lens, which gives wrong results! (I have made a conversion table for this).

  • The properties of the necessary conversion lens depends of the used (zoom) lens. I can give no tips - it has to be calculated and you have to build up your own conversion system with lensholder, c-mout......

This is only a job for someone who has in depth knowledge about optics and has also access to metalwork for adapters and to lenses).

DS8 - Double Super8  - the advantage!                    films are available !

The extra filmpressure plate which “fixes” the film plan beneath the filmgate is the best warranty for sharp pictureframes....

Only available in Double-Super8 format from (rare and nearly never complete offered) CANON SCOOPIC , ELMO´s 300, Pathé DS8 (Webo) or adapted few Bolex or Beaulieu cameras.

and the DS8x2 from Quarz!

This very handy but solid mechanical camera is russion craftsmanship. It is made for freehand usage and can take up only 7.5 m (15ft) reels of any DS-8 film!

  • fps: 1, 12, 18, 24, 36
  • filmspeed: ASA 12 up to 160
  • manual zoom 1:1.8/9-38mm
  • Light metering: non TTL selenoid with manual setting
  • full rewind
  • continous run

My comment: like other russion cine cameras this DS-8 is not only for filming!

If you are in seroious trouble in the subway of Bronx or with a grizzly in Canada take this heavymetal camera and throw it onto the head of your enemy. Mostly this camera will work further on..........


  • selenoid lightmeters lost their sensitivity after years -  it is not guaranteed to view and set the right fstop, (no new selenoid is available)
  • Meteor is a sharp good standard lens, but sometimes after years dimmed inside - due to dust and foggy surface from dried humidity


  • made from solid metal
  • large plan filmpath for sharp pictureframes
  • filmpath is easy to clean


make documented testfilms under different light conditions using the internal selenoid and in addition also meter with your external Seconic or other lightmeter. After development and comparing your results you can set up a detailed exposure table for your camera and never gets wrong in future!

A foggy lens can be demounted and cleaned by experienced personals..

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