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last modification: february 10th, 2012

BAUER cameras now with external power socket for using external accus with high capacity or using other external power supply.

The best Super8 BAUER cameras are often used by professionals. But unfortunately the standard cameras runs only with internal 6x1.5V AA batteries or accus. There is no standard socket  for external power.

With a power socket

  • you never runs out of voltage - its your choice how many accupacks you connect
  • or you connect other external power
  • in cold conditions you can keep your external accu in your warm pocket

 BAUER power socket ( +=central) possible for :

A506, A508 A512 (9-9.6V)

709XL, 715 XL(9-9.6V)

107 XL - 109 XL (6-6.2V)

ROYAL 6E, 8E, 10E (9-9.6V)


you can use than any available external accupack with max voltage shown above or stabilized power supply according you local security-regulations.(1A recommended)

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