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-  one of the legend for semiprofessional or professional usage of Super8       most C-mount lenses sold by Beaulieu are made by Angenieux/Paris or Schneider/Kreuznach)

Tip 1

Beaulieu cameras with interchangable lenses (C-mount) have a switchable “milky” screen for the viewfinder. Unfortunately many people do not know what to do with this.This focusingscreen is one of the important advantages of these cameras. If ever possible use it! The screensurface has the same distance to the lens as filmsurface. You can see the real settings of your lens and set the focus exactly. This is not posiible with the visible airpicture of a normal viewfinder without this screen.(your eye adapt slight differences in sharpness). Against normal knowledge and practice set the zoom to the SHORTEST focal length - open diaphragm - and than do your focusing. After doing this set your individal settings for zoom and diaphragm. This gives best results for sharpness.Not to do so is very often the reason for unsharpness......

the models 2008. 4008, 4008 ZMx - 3008, 5008 (both sound version)

  • advantages,
    • very reliable, adjustment of all important parameters, manual overriding of automated features,  c-mount lenses and adapters (interchangeable), lot of enhancements available on the market, manual rewind (optional).  The flickering vertical “guillotine” shutter does not reduce light passing onto your film.  Due to shutterspeed all cameras with “guillotine shutters” are only bright light cameras. Best for moving objects are models up to 4008xx with 1/65 sec. shutterspeed (at 18 fps) and 1/7 sec.for single frame, 4008 ZM models have variable shutter,.


5008 S and 3008/5008 S multispeed

 very interesting! Smoth filmgate with one of the best Super8 picturestand and filmtransport allows sharp pictures nearly comparable to Single-8 and with a shutter speed of 1/40 at 18 fps..

the models up from 6008 S ......(body made by CHINON)

  • advantages, (see above) professional super8 cameras with variable shutter
  • 200ft magazine possible  (filmmaterial from specialized dealers)
  • frame counter, timer, backwinding switch
  • MD - MD/Pro: have more possibilities for multispeed switching
  • quarz controlled speed /sync features
  • a lot of other electronic controlled features available (chrystal sync - timecode)

the “little” sound models like 1028 XL 60 with rotating shutter (all models from the series 10xx are not build by Beaulieu itself- made by CHINON in Japan) Lens is not interchangeable,  all filmspeeds will be recognized by light meter - adjusting and manual override is possible


      15m silence/sound and 60m Kodak soundcartridge. Soundcartridges are not available today but a 400ft “SUPERMAG 400” magazin instead the 60m/200ft cartridge (mostly used by professionals)

      Lens: 1.2 / 6.8-44mm, fps:1, 9, 18, 24, 36 lowlight shutter 230°, filmspeeds: 25 - 400 ASA, manual correction, TTL: auto, manual, BLC, fade, 6 x AA,  socket:ext. battery, flash, remote control, Wratten 85

      All features are clean - a very good lowlight camera, fine “lowlight lens” with all necessary features, unlike older Beaulieus with plastic housing similar to 6008....

    • With “longer” zoom: 1068 XL 60. The “little brothers” without 200ft. cartridge support: 1008 1018 but same features are also very fine cameras.

This is one of my favourable XL camera for using with extra large filmmagazine

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