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last modification: february 10th, 2012

REVUE - Quality bargain  - thats their policy

Revue was and is the film and photo department of QUELLE. They sold Super8 cameras (also projectors and others) with their own brand name. They had own model types build from Chinon, Cosina and others.

Revue/Quelle was the brandname for people who want to get bargain products. But the quality of some cameras is very good!  The cameras are mainly not so high sophisticated, but few top models have also 8 x or 10x zoom, 1,18,24,48 fps, fader, lap dissolve and are very solid in metal housings.

I have Revue as a workhorse for outdoor and adventure.

advantage: No weakness of the metal cameras is known, except the rubber eyecup! If you have problems - put the camera in your icebox and after 5 -10 minutes cut the rest of the eyecap. Maybe you can get replacements parts.Lenses have a good quality (CHINON)  

cockpit S 8 RM (macro)

one of the top silence cameras: fps 1/ 18/ 24/ 48, 25 - 200 ASA, filmspeed correction, TTL - auto/man, ND-filter, BLC, remote control, 4x 1.5V AA, ext. batt 6V lens 1.7 / 7.5-60mm .Cockpit S 10 RM 1.7 / 6.5 - 65mm. Cockpit S 6 RM 1.7 / 8-48mm.

one of the older, but  top silence cameras with Sync, : fps 18/ 24/ 48, singleframe-cable release and continuous run, 25 - 200 ASA, TTL - auto/man, BLC, remote control, Batt. 4x 1.5V AA and 2.6V lightmeter, lens 1.7 / 6.5-65mm and as S 8 1.7 / 7 - 60 mm (without Sync).

S10 Sound de luxe

S10 Sound de luxe

I can modify these S10 cameras: for using without extra lightmeter battery! 


REVUE TM6 or TM8 - similar to EUMIG 860 / 880 PMA These cameras have also the extraordinary longterm exposure like BAUER A506 and NIZO481-801! fps1/9/18/24/45 fstop 1.8-64, variotimer. scenelengthtimer: 0-10sec/18fps, autofade, socket: flash, sync, remote, shutter: 190°., .lenses: 1:1.8/8-48mm or 1.8/7-56mm,



There are a lot of other models sold from REVUE which are not for usage today only for collection.

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