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last modification: february 10th, 2012

Rollei and Super 8?  yes there is a secret!

Rollei is known for still cameras -but only few people knows their Super 8 camera adventure.

The Rollei freaks had some models with good quality but  only for standard “home” usage with no extraordinary properties..except the older SL 83 and SL84. The technic of the two models is based on the Bosch BAUER Royal 8 and 10 (with NEOVARON lens from Schneider!).


SL83 - same look,  lens 1.8 / 7.5 - 60, without:  flash and fade functions

After the SL models Rollei did n´t build Super8 cameras anymore.

All other models are constructed and build for Rollei by COSINA . These special  models are well designed with good COSINA quality:

Movie 8 super zoom - also one top favorite! TTL auto/manu, with manual correction, ND/grey filter

 lens 1.7 / 7.5 - 60,  fade, lap dissolve, fps: 1 /18/ 24/ 48 - sockets:sync sound, cable release, flash,

Movie sound XL 8 macro - a good straight sound camera

SL84 - for me this is one of the older top favorite! A solid camera,  very seldom sold today  and with superb features:

 Rollei lens 1.8 / 7 - 70, film rewind, variable shutter / sektor, fades, lap dissolve, fps: 18/ 24/ 54, single frame - cable release, sockets: flash, TTL auto/manu, ASA 25 to 160

Macro Lens

1,4 / 7 - 56 mm


mirror reflecting system with microgrid


2 - speed


open sector

200 degree



Macro: up from 1 cm

Normal: up from 1 m

external connectors


9 V battery/accu micro- and earphone

remote control on microphone switch


CdS with correction

Warren filter (daylight filter)



F 1,4 -  F 22

auto / manual


6 x 1,5V AA


up and down




1, 18, 24

slow motion: 48




1.7 kg

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