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CHINON -  this factory had made the most Super 8 cameras and lenses

OEM models were made for Bauer (eg. S109)  Beaulieu (1008-1068XL, body: 6008 and 7008), Bell&Howell, Bolex (S8 models), EUMIG, GAF, Porst,  Revue, Rollei and other brands.

For original CHINON cameras I have heard comments between “wonderful, lovely” and “awful, terrible” and a lot of more....Most camera models given to the world from this big japanese company are forgotten and gone the way of all consumer articles - to the technical dead (seel below - rubber)

But CHINON cameras have often good lenses and some models are very interesting

The smooth and silent running Pacific 12 SMR with 10x zoom 1.7/ 7-70mm, fades, lap dissolve, fps 1 / 18 /24 / 36, timer, BLC, ND- filter and more....:also available as PORST 120 SMR using 64ASA film: at rear: +/- exposure correction! or manual fstop setting,

877 MACRO 1.7/7.5-60mm, 1/18/24/48, timer, lap dissolve....

and some others and of cause the Pacific 200/12XL or 10XL for 200ft.cartridges for semi-professional usage.

(The models above I own by myself and I like them, heavy bricks but works smooth and silent without any problems)

The CHINON lenses and cameras are usable in daylight, not really for lowlight filming. This is depending of the 1.7 or 1.8 lenses in conjunction of shutter degree between 140 und 180° (exception see below PACIFIC model).

CHINON had made cameras for a lot of other brandnames GAF, REVUE; PORST; BOLEX, NORIS, PANORAMA, BEAULIEU and more. These cameras and lenses are sometimes better and more reliable than the cameras from the original brand  - e.g. the    REVUE


Pacific 12 SMR

Direct Sound 806 SM macro

Pacific 200/12XL 1:1,4 12x zoom, 195° shutter!  for using normal 15m/30ft cartridge or the filmmagazin SUPERMAG 400. This contains 400ft (for 20min.) filmmaterial in one magazin!

using 64ASA film: at rear: +/- exposure correction! or manual fstop setting,

fades, lap dissolve, timer, fps 1, 18, 24, 25, 36,   6 x AA, ext. battery, socket: flash, remote control, Wratten

 877 Macro

What you have to know: the rubber for eyecaps and foamsealings are made from synthetic rubber which has mostly given up the consistence... its gone like a glueish black paste in warmer temperatures  This MUST be replaced ore removed. And often this is also the reason for technical problems inside the camera, not only on your fingers and clothes (clean with alcohol).

The weakness is electronic (glued together by melted foamtapes)  and the timer (if there is one), seldom lap dissolve function. If you have a CHINON sound camera (eg. Pacific 12SMR) lap dissolve/overfading  works only with a sound cartridge or a trick: the sensor for soundcartridges must be pressed down and fixed in this position (with tape..) than lap dissolve works also with silent cartridges.

 If you don´t need these funktions you can get a good standard model for bargain. Full functional topmodels are rare and more expensive, depending of lens and features. (but never reaches prices of NIZO, Beaulieu or TOP - Bauer, Elmo cameras...)


The advantage of CHINON is: the purchase price and the possibility to use any available standard film. Some models checks all relevant filmspeeds automatically. All bigger Chinons cameras have a +/- exposure correction, this is the way you can work with every film. Also the new EKTACHROME 64T. The lenses are normally well balanced..

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